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Liquidation &
Corporate Rescue

Our Liquidation Department is headed by Joseph Arkins who has over 30 years experience in dealing with Liquidations. In his own right he has carried out over 300 Company Liquidations (solvent and insolvent) since 1993 ( Joseph Arkins is a member of the Irish Society of Insolvency Practitioners (ISIP) and has completed the Certificate in Personal Insolvency (with distinction) awarded by ACCA/CPA. He has been a guest speaker on insolvency topics for the Western Bar Association.

Where possible we will advise on methods of restructuring your company such as examinership or scheme of arrangement. In addition it is sometimes possible to rescue a profitable department of an otherwise insolvent company.

The three main Liquidation options are Creditors Voluntary Liquidations, Court Liquidations and Members Voluntary Lquidations. Creditors Voluntary Liquidations are the most common type of liquiditation, whereby the company resolves to go into Liquidation and a creditors meeting is convened. Attendance at the Creditors Meeting can be difficult for the Directors and it can be acrimonious. We have experience in this area, so we can assist in planning for the Creditors Meeting and we can help the Directors prepare for any questions the Creditors may have.

While we appreciate that it is a very difficult decision to place a company into Liquidation, it is often the only option available and the only solution to ensure that the company is wound up in an orderly fashion. It is also extremely important to ensure that the company is wound up on time to avoid incurring further debts and so as to deal promptly and properly with any outstanding revenue liability.

If your company needs to go into liquidation, the sooner you get advice the better. Further delay and procrastination will only make matters worse.

If you would like a confidential discussion about solving your company's insolvency problems, contact us today.