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Accountants Independent Examination and Assurance Reviews

As a result of regulatory changes to audit thresholds in recent years, some companies are no longer required to have a statutory audit. However many companies continue to have their accounts reviewed externally, without the need for an audit.

The scope of our assurance review includes discussions with management about the treatment of key items, application of analytical procedures to the financial statements, and assessments of whether the applied accounting policies are appropriate,and adequately disclosed in the Financial Statements.

Arkins & Company will provide a report, based on our review, as to whether anything has come to our attention that suggests the accounts are not correct.

This is more than simply accounts preparation and the cost of this assurance review is greater than accounts preparation, as more detailed work will be required. However it will cost less than a statutory audit. The work involved will be tailored to the key areas of your company business, and your specific requirements.

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